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How to be
a makeup artist

13/10 to 08/12/2018
11/03 to 03/05/2019
on request

"From secret of gesture to the magic of the products, immerse yourself in the world of the professional make-up."


Kakie has worked with the top photographers, for magazines, fashion shows, advertising and celebrities.







With 30 years of accumulated experience Kakie will teach you how to become a make-up artist in the world of fashion

Who makes the training?

Kakie and her team

Places of training


Courses flow

Next session: from 11/03 to 03/05/2019
6 students per session only.
French and English course.

A unique Masterclass

Kakie and her team will give you courses:

  • on make-up and its techniques
  • secrets from the professionals as well as all their tips
  • a real know-how
  • a unique training

Who is the Masterclass for?

  • anyone who wants to be a professional makeup artist
  • professional makeup artist who wants to improve their makeup skills
  • to the different companies (cosmetics brands, institutes…) wishing to form their team about makeup technics

Paris, world capital of fashion

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion and test the skills acquired during your training.

  • 2 shots ran by a professional team
  • one day with a surprise guest belonging to the profession
  • 3 to 6 visits of exhibits, source of inspiration, during the 2 months of course

Show haute couture J.P Gaultier 2019 - Stéphane Marais Team


Vogue Thailande 2018


Show couture Marie Elie - Chine 2018

French touch

How to be a makeup artist
Programme 1

2 months of course
  • 8 weeks of course from Monday to Friday (from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm)
  • 6 students per session in order to guarantee a teaching of quality and a personalized instruction.

How to be a makeup artist
Programme 2

2 months of course
+ 6 months of assistantship
  • 8 weeks of course from Monday to Friday (from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm)
  • 6 students per session.
  • 6 months of assistantship with a famous makeup artist*.

  • *The dates of assistantship with a FAMOUS MAKEUP ARTIST will be scheduled according the availabilities of both student and make up artist.

How to integrate
the Masterclass ?

Selection on file:
Baccalaureate level
Curriculum Vitae + covering letter

Prices and program of courses available on request.

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What are the required qualities
to become a make up artist?

This profession requires availability, curiosity, a good knowledge of English and a developed artistic taste (fashion, image, painting, cinema, nature).
And also method, rapidity, organization, rigour, creativity, an acute sense of beauty, psychology and strong capacities to work in teams.


Happy customers


Kakie has this unique skill to understand a personality in a few seconds and to know how to define, with creativity and always elegance, the perfect combination between a face and make-up products!
Her artist's vision and her expertise have been the support of Sothys make-up for several years.

Stéphanie du Chaxel
SOTHYS International Marketing Director


My collaboration with Kakie dates back to the beginning of my career as a fashion, beauty and celebrity photographer. I do not count, today the innumerable productions for which I had the pleasure to appeal to his talent. Kakie is one of those rare makeup artists to have in mind that an essential concern: reveal the beauty whatever the intentions of light and style, whatever the virtuosity of the techniques it calls. But besides, his incredible mastery of textures and color, which has always impressed me and has always impressed many photographers like me, it is the extreme delicacy of her mind and the incredible artistic inspiration she shows on each session. Kakie is much more than a great makeup artist, she is an artist who takes the photographer to surpass himself.

Gilles-Marie Zimmermann


I assisted Kakie for 2 years and I still think those were the most enlightening of my training years. Thanks to what I learnt from Kakie, I was then able to widen my experience to other fields and I now freelance mainly for celebrity photoshoots, magazines as well as for video shoots. But my need for creativity always brings me back to catwalks and the fashion industry that Kakie introduced me to so selflessly.
If I were to remember one thing only out of all that she taught me: to be inspired by our models and clients’ core essence in order to beautify them.

Amandine Fournier
Makeup artist


Right after my makeup school, I had the chance to assist Kakie. I followed her for 1 year.
I could never get into fashion without her help! It's a very closed environment. Assistantship is mandatory. Even though my training has provided me with some basics, learning on the job with Kakie is a second school, more challenging, concrete and of better quality!
Kakie is a pedagogue, passionate and is especially a reference in this field. I owe her, she taught me a lot. Thanks to her, I also had the opportunity to become a part model. As a mentor, I could not have dreamed better! So a big thank you!

Isabelle Valentin
Makeup artist


Hello. I do not know where to start, Kakie is a person with many creative facets, always looking for what’s new and beautiful, always looking to surprise and amaze you.
Whenever we worked together I was serene knowing things were always prepared in advance with well-constructed research. But the greatest virtue, as in all trades, is that Kakie is always on time and smiling! When I started as a photographer, one of my firsts jobs was with her and thanks to her. We’ve collaborated on many shootings since then.

Robert Jaso


After studying in a makeup school that taught me the job of makeup artist in its entirety and because I wanted to work in the fashion industry, I realized that it was complicated to work in this industry without having followed a fashion makeup artist. So I went to Paris, where I met Kakie, and had the chance to assist her.
Kakie has a great teaching method, learning with her is a real chance.
She taught me the specific techniques and skills for shootings, shows, campaigns...etc, encompassing fashion, with of course the « french touch ».
She is an artist, with an artist’s eye, a huge experience and mostly the envy of sharing it, which is rare!
Thanks to assisting, doors have opened for me. I was able to meet photographers, stylists, models... which allowed me to complete my book and start working.
I am so greatful and happy to be able to do this job now, thanks to this training with Kakie.

Elisa Verdon
Makeup artist